I’m looking forward to a great weekend with my family.  My parents are coming to stay with us tonight in readiness for Treefest: http://www.edinburghtreefest.org.uk/.  They have a small craft stall there every year, and we love going to enjoy the vibe too.  If you’re in Edinburgh this weekend, check it out and support some great environmental initiatives while you’re at it.  My sister and her boyfriend are also coming down to spend the day with us, so that’ll be fab.  Then of course there’ll be church on Sunday morning and perhaps an afternoon trip to the beach if it’s not too cold.

In the meantime I’ve feverishly been trying to finish making my sister the felted bag I promised her ages ago.  I was working with a craft group I run this morning, and it was a great chance to do that whilst spending some time chatting with the women.  It’s now my lunch break so I have a few minutes to post this before getting on with this afternoon – amongst other things on my to-do list I’ve to draw a mural design on one of our toilet walls! 

Have a great weekend doing whatever you’re doing too.