It’s lunchtime, I’m at work and wondering how it got to be Monday so quickly. 

We had a fantastic weekend with my family.  Treefest was great fun, although the weather was typically unpredictable.  It was so lovely to be with all my family, and spend a good bit of time with my sis and her boyfriend.  We ate too much food, but it was all good!  After munching our way round Treefest we felt it was getting a bit chilly (daughter’s legs were turning blue…) so we left my parents to sell, sell, sell in the craft tent, and headed off to Peter’s Yard.  It’s a really amazing cafe/bakery in the redevelopment of Edinburgh’s old Royal Infirmary, and of course we needed to each sample a cake.  A quick stroll through the Meadows confirmed that, yes, in fact it had become absolutely freezing.  So, having admired the pink tents which had been set up for the start of that night’s Moonwalk across Edinburgh, we beat a hasty retreat home and tried to make room in our tummys for take-away that evening.  I made a quick batch of cookies for us to all share after tea – easiest recipe in the world, and using it makes me feel like a domestic goddess!  A domestic goddess with an expanding waistline but never mind….

Sis and boyfriend headed up the road late evening and so while my parents chilled out after working hard all day, me and other half enjoyed the freedom of being able to go out for a walk to try and relieve the over-eating symptoms.  It worked to a degree, but I think the Moonwalk of 26 miles would realistically have been the only cure.

Sunday was great.  Church in the morning (it was kinda quiet, wonder why?) then as a Father’s Day present for my husband we all headed down to Belhaven beach so he could go surfing while my daughter and I played in the sand and splashed in the little waves.  Pretty much a perfect day.  Then a chilled evening – I watched Dr Who on BBC3 and got satisfactorily scared, then later we watched an episode of Lost (DVD). 

Not wishing my life away at all, but I’m looking forward to Friday already.