After a great weekend it’s all going a bit pear-shaped for me.  (Just a bit though, I’m trying to maintain a sense of perspective.)

Our daughter decided last night that, contrary to previous plans, she didn’t want to stay at Granny and Granda’s for a sleep over after all.  So we scooted round and whisked her into her own bed but by this time it was very late (she’s only 3, and by the time she went to sleep it was about 9.30pm which in adult-time is like staying up til 1am).  So that meant this morning she didn’t want to get up to go to nursery – but didn’t have much choice as we both had to go to work.  So she was tired and grumpy, we were tired and grumpy and that was before we’d even got to work.

Then at work I heard that one of my colleagues is leaving, which is really upsetting although it’s a fantastic move for her and makes absolute sense for her to do.  She’s a good friend, a lovely person and professionally is an absolute rock.  Then I heard that there’s some fairly major changes afoot at work, which are real opportunities for the organisation but left me completely freaking out and had the affect of the straw that broke the camel’s back.  So off I trotted to the toilets to bawl my head off like an emotional teenager and try to figure out why I was responding like this. 

I felt very undignified and stupid…And I still don’t know why I freaked out the way I did.  Could be a chance for me to restructure my work and focus on stuff I really want to.

To paraphrase the Black Eyed Peas, where is the joy?  I think I need to catch up on some sleep.

Actually, on the up-side I can’t wait for tomorrow.  We have two wonderful friends (well, two and a bit, as they’re expecting their first baby)  coming to stay with us for a couple of days, and also have our small group from church coming round too.  Should be good, although it’s also another reason to catch up on sleep as small group nights tend to finish late late late.  Too much to talk about and not enough time to cover all the tangents we go off on. 

Thank goodness for long evenings of chat and laughter in the company of people we love and respect.