We’re going on holiday for a week and a bit tomorrow, so no more posts for a little while.  Hopefully, we’ll all return refreshed and reinvigorated, and I’ll have lots of ideas to mull over here.

It’s been a really crazy wee time leading up to us going away, and this last week at work has been both great and terrible so it’ll be good to step away from it for a while.  I’m looking forward to our road trip down south, listening to good music, some podcasts and general chat with my husband and daughter.  I’m really looking forward to lots of relaxing meals, loads of walks and bike rides (hopefully) and next weekend time with Kenny and Kate again as we return their visit to us.  Holidays are always a good time for getting some perspective on things, and that’ll be something else I hope for.  Also looking forward to celebrating my husband’s birthday on Tuesday!  And we’ve all got loads of new books to read (or in my daughter’s case, draw in – we bought books she could scribble in on purpose!), so I’m hoping for lots of time free to read, read, read.

In the meantime, don’t forget to check out links in the blogroll.  I’d recommend all of them above my own!