It’s been a while… And sadly I’ve just got a few moments at the end of my lunchbreak to log in here.  We had a great holiday.  I have to say the road trip aspect of it was different this time.  We discovered that three-and-a-half year old daughters are much more chatty and requiring of conversation than we’d expected.  She used to sleep for most long journeys, but this time was awake and full of things to say, songs we all had to join in, games we all had to play.  So long ‘putting the world to rights’ type conversations with my husband were out.  Another new stage of life for us to get used to and embrace.

On our way down south we travelled through Cumbria, and took a slightly indirect route so we could stop at Westmoreland services, which are great.  So our indirect route then took us across the most beautiful hilltops and moorland.  At one point we were driving alongside clouds that were snuggling into the hills on either side of us, and it was stunning.  I wish I’d taken a photo so I could share it with you, but I’m sure you’ve got a great imagination.

We spent a couple of days in York during our holidays too.  I’d never really been there before, just passed through – what a nice place it is.  We also discovered the joys and delights of Bettys Tea Rooms, which, if you’re ever in York, are absolutely worth a long and lingering visit.  Their cakes are outstanding, and the waiting staff were the nicest and friendliest I’ve come across in a long time.  They also serve an amazing array of teas and coffees, which we obviously had to check out.

And we were delighted again to see Kenny and Kate for a couple of days, although I was a very bad guest as I arrived full of a disgusting cold which kept me in bed for about half the time we were there.  They made us feel very at home, and it was just so good to be with them and share a little corner of their life with them.  I’m a bit worried I’ve left used tissues strewn around their house, despite trying to assiduously get rid of them all – sorry guys! 

One of the best parts of the holiday has just been watching my daughter.  She’s getting so grown up, her vocabulary is getting better all the time, and she’s just getting so good at expressing herself (sometimes hilariously).  I used to stress about this stuff, like I would stress about toilet training, weaning etc.  But as the months and years have gone by I’ve realised that it just…happens.  That’s not to say we haven’t had a parenting role, but it’s amazing just to see child development in the context of how my child is developing.