I’m sick today.  Began to feel really unwell late last night and this morning felt worse again.  I think it’s just a tummy bug (no details of this are going to be shared, despite what I’ve said previously.  You’ve got an imagination).

So I’ve spent the morning feeling ill and self-pitying.  I feel a bit less sick this afternoon (otherwise I wouldn’t have hauled myself up to the computer) but caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and I look so bad I had to smile.  So today I’m off work, but hopefully I’ll be well enough to go back tomorrow. 

Pros and cons for being ill (a bit, not proper serious long term illness):

Pros –

  1. get to stay in pyjamas all day if you so wish
  2. get to sleep when you feel the need
  3. um, that’s all I can think of just now…

Cons –

  1. well, you’re ill, with whatever horrible symptoms your illness comes with
  2. your pyjamas end up smelly from wearing them all day and all night
  3. your bed becomes a sickbed rather than a sleep bed, and is no longer comfy
  4. you want to do stuff but feel too ill to do it
  5. daytime tv is now a realistic source of entertainment and all previous quality filters you possessed are switched off in the search for something to distract you from feeling ill
  6. food is unappealing  (an unspeakable tragedy)
  7. you let people down as you can’t fulfill commitments and then feel guilty as well as ill
  8. you feel ill (did I mention that one)

But this blog is called bring on the joy, so to finish on a positive note:  I’ll be better soon, which I’m thankful for.  I’m blessed by being in the comfort of my own home, with everything I need near at hand. 

I hope you’re all well today.