Whatever is good, whatever is noble…

Here’s some good stuff that’s been inspiring me:

  • dufi art – beautiful, creative work that I wish I had thought of first (and had the talent to do…)
  • Fin Macrae Photography – this is just stunning work, total picture poetry
  • Blue Sky Photography – different kind of photography, but really beautiful, and run as a great business.  Brilliant photography by very very cool people
  • Seven Men – a new and inspiring business venture, run on really sound principles by really sound people

They are just off the top of my head just now.  The first two names are recent discoveries for me.  All thanks to the wonder of blogging!

Any good stuff of your own to share?  Recommendations of really excellent businesses, people, projects that have inspired you, moved you, and awoken in you that sense of appreciation for ‘goodness’?