Yup, sick again.  Only a cold, and one the three of us have, to a greater or lesser extent been sharing.  But I like to do these things well, so I’ve got the Monster 3000 version.  Last night I ended up not sleeping much and then started to get all wheezy and breathless which was scary and lasted a bit too long for my liking.  So I trotted off to our fantastic doctor’s surgery this morning and was told it was a ‘viral induced wheeze – more common in young children…’.  So I have an infantile breathing problem, (and now an inhaler to help me out if it goes pear shaped again tonight), a beetroot red nose which is dripping like a running tap, and to top it all, spots. 

THEN when I was driving back from picking up my prescription and about to head out to work, it begins to bucket with rain again.  I turned my wipers on, there was a horrific grinding noise, and my wipers stopped wiping just like that.  At this point the rain redoubled it’s efforts, so I was now driving effectively blind down one of Edinburgh’s busiest streets in pouring rain at about 5 miles an hour since I could see not much further than the end of my bonnet.  And my nose was running and I had a cold sweat.  Nice.

So the car goes into the nearest garage (which as it turned out, happily, is the one opposite my house) I abandon it there for the nice guy to look at and phone my husband to see if I can borrow his car.  He kindly says yes and heads down to his work car park to bring it to our house.  However, his work car park is in a basement with a car lift for access.  The lift breaks, he’s stuck in the car park wondering what to do for 20 minutes, while I’m at home looking anxiously out of the window for him and counting the minutes to the work meeting I’ve not been able to cancel because I can’t get hold of the person involved. 

Eventually my mother in law kindly gives me a lift to work, my husba nd gets out of the car park (well, he wasn’t stuck, just the cars) and by the end of the day my car is fixed (although we’re £200 lighter to get it that way).  I still haven’t been able to speak to the person I was meant to meet.  Both my husband and I have spent a good chunk of this evening working, although admittedly I spent another good chunk lying in the bath reading my now soggy copy of ‘Blue like Jazz’.  And my cup of tea has gone cold while I’ve been furiously venting all this here.  Okay, those last two aren’t terrible.

Still, sometimes you just wish you could have stayed in bed don’t you?  Hope life is treating you all well.  I’m going to get some sleep now, hopefully, and start afresh tomorrow.  Bring on the joy, indeed.