So I’m having my tea just now (or dinner, whatever you want to call your evening meal), but sadly I’m having it at work as I’m taking a break between the manic late-for-everything day that I’ve had and the intense when-will-it-be-over? evening I’m about to enter into.

It’s been a weird couple of days.  I’ve heard so much bad news about people that I know or know of in the last 48 hours that I am just longing to go home to the security of my little family and enjoy that taste of heaven I posted on the other day.

And tonight I’m going to help deliver an induction course for this year’s new intake of students, when to be blunt, I’d rather be doing anything else.  I’ve got the perky ‘let’s all get to know one another and do some fun stuff together’ part of the evening, starting in 40 minutes time.  My mind is not really on the games I should be preparing, the theory I should be linking it to (the course is all about play) and the general enthusiasm and passion I should be getting over to these students. 

Home is where my heart is tonight.  I’m looking forward to a bit of sanctuary, a safe harbour from the world I’ve found myself in today.  I’m looking forward to a cup of tea snuggled on the sofa, to not being ‘on-duty’ even when I’m ‘off-duty’ – this is an inevitability of my work, like many others too.  I worked later last night too, and I’m sad that this week and for the next few weeks I’ll be missing my daughter’s bedtime for two nights out of seven.  I’m going to tiptoe into her darkened room tonight and kiss her goodnight, looking forward to tomorrow’s breakfast and the disorganised chaos of our mornings, when I’ll be able to have a few sleepy minutes to chat with her as she wakes up.

Today has not been a day to be far from my family, and yet is the one day this week that we’ve spent the least time together. 

Well, off I go to be perky and enthused.  Have a good evening!