I would like to live at 3 miles an hour. 

This morning I listened to an awesome sermon our senior pastor and our pastor for discipleship and training did jointly.  They preached as a sort of tag team, looking at the end of Acts 2.  The sermon itself is a few weeks old now, but I missed it and everyone has been talking about it so my husband put it onto a cd for me to listen to on my way to work this morning.

The sermon spoke to me, challenged me in so many ways.  I ended up listening to it twice, on my way to and on my way from work.  It was worth it, I found I’d missed some vital points, presumably when in complicated traffic or something.

However, the part that on this particular morning spoke volumes to me was when Karl (our senior pastor) said essentially we need to slow down, that ‘hurry’ and ‘busy’ are not listed as fruit of the spirit, that we need to live at 3 miles an hour.  Oh the irony, as I rushed to work, late because I’d had to drop our sick daughter’s urine sample (another story, getting a urine sample from a 3 year old into a tiny tube) at the doctor’s surgery, late because I’d had mortgage papers to sign as I was meant to be leaving the house, late because, well I’m almost always late for something at some point in the day.

As I listened I considered how many times I hurry through the day missing moments and opportunities to love and show grace and peace to people.  I considered what it was about my life that seems to conspire against living at a God-pace.  I haven’t come to any conclusions yet, but this is something I need to address.

Any tips on simplifying life?

On the plus side, one of the things which delayed me this morning was getting together a bunch of plants and bulbs that are excess to our vegetable gardening needs.  I shared the excess with half a dozen women who use our centre, and am excited to see if we each have any success with our vegetable growing exploits next year.  Maybe being late doesn’t matter that much…(or at least that’s what I’m hoping my boss thinks, so long as I make up the time)