I’ve been doing some more thinking about living and loving in a small group.  Our church has long had house groups or bible study groups, but the last couple of years has upped the ante in this area and our large and growing church really encourages everyone to ‘do life’ with others in a small group setting.  I suppose I see it as a kind of micro-church, one that can fit around a table and let everyone share in the same conversation. 

We’ve had a small group in our home for the last couple of years, which we host and lead – but my husband does the real leading (I think I’m more of a backseat driver). We’ve been doing some reflecting on what it means, or what it might mean, to be a small group leader, and thinking about how well we do this and how we might do better.  Then I found this list and thought it was helpful as a yardstick.  Would be interested to hear what others think too though.  What should a small group leader do?


10. Pray for your group members each morning.
9. Meet a group member for coffee.
8. Invite the group over for dinner.
7. Send a note of encouragement.
6. Ask questions.
5. Celebrate with them, literally…birthdays, anniversaries, etc.
4. Notice when they’re absent.
3. Make ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’ the most important part of your interactions.
2. Call them out…challenge them in areas where they need to change.
1. Get them serving others.

It’s perhaps notable that it doesn’t say anything about bible study, theological understanding or being a gifted speaker.  It does, however, offer a strong model of leading by serving, amongst other things.  It’s not rocket science, to coin a phrase, but it is practical.