Is it just me or is every other person ill just now? For the last ten days my husband has been really unwell with the flu (he’s much better now and went back to work for the first time today), my daughter had a day or two of feeling a bit poorly (although it could have just been too much birthday cake and treats, as she just turned four and has been living on excitement and festivities for that for over a week), and then this week, inevitably perhaps, I also came down with the flu. 

I phoned my boss this afternoon to let him know I wouldn’t be in again until next week, and was greeted with hysteria-tinged laughter.  Always good to have some sympathy…. well, then he said it was just a reaction to the amount of people who have been off sick recently.  I guess that’s a fair point, and it has a big impact in a small organisation like the one I work for.  But even amongst my circle of friends so many people have been unwell with one bug or another.  I love winter, especially December, but the multitude of bugs about makes for an interesting season.  Kleenex, flu rememedies and daytime tv viewing figures must really clean up at this time of year.

I’m curled up on the sofa, having slept all morning and spent the afternoon letting afternoon tv lull me into a semicomatose state. 

Hope you’re all feeling a bit more healthy than my family.