Last week, at a children’s art group I work with, we gave everyone (staff included) sketchbooks which we are all tasked with using throughout the week to mess about in, draw, stick, collect, journal… do whatever we feel like doing.

peace sister

How ironic that, as the only person in the group with an art degree, I’ve been embarrassingly slack about actually making use of my sketchbook.  I’d forgotten that you need to sort of ‘make friends’ with a new sketchbook, to become accustomed to it’s presence in your life and adapt your way of living to accomodate it’s needs and demands.  Funnily enough, I’ve done not one bit of drawing in the book either.  It’s just got some scraps and (above) some nice paper with a self portrait I attempted to do using masking tape bits (and without looking in a mirror, so it’s how I see myself circa 1995, the last time I placed myself under such scrutiny).

I’ve got an hour before the club begins.  Better get on and do the rest of my ‘homework’.

I will try harder this coming week to make better use of my wee book.