I learned what the cause of struggling noises was the other night when my husband was changing our bedsheets for AGES.

It turns out (and to be honest I should have guessed immediately) that the long delay and funny noises was caused by an air guitar session.  Why change bedsheets when you can plug in your ipod and listen to something loud and play along (in your rock god mind)?

I have to say I’ve never played air guitar in my life.  Actually no, I think I did it once and felt so stupid I stopped immediately.  I have, of course, sung into my hair brush but that’s different  somehow – I didn’t feel too stupid anyway.  I remember me and my sister used to take it in turns to be the singer on the stage (our bed) and would make up songs as we went along.   Anyway, my husband’s a great air guitarist, and I tend to find him lost in music anytime his ipod’s plugged in and he’s meant to be doing something else entirely.  How great to be able to do that, just tune into another world.

From bedsheets to pretending to be a singer-superstar … there’s a tangent.

What did you used to pretend to be?  And have you ever played air guitar?