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I have a confession to make.  I’m a heartless slug murderer.  Actually I think I might have confessed to this previously, but today I got serious and did the thing I said I’d never do.  I bought slug pellets.

In mitigation, they are (apparently) organic, not harmful to children or animals (unless you’re a slug) and can be used around both edible and non-edible plants.  But I have to admit, I feel really bad about this. 

Still, the slugs were eating all my carefully nurtured vegetables, so much so that whole plantings of seedlings have gone.  Because of slugs I have no lettuces, no carrots, only 3 beetroot (and they aren’t looking too hot), no salad leaves (we managed to eat one lot, but the second crop got chomped before we got a look in), and about 4 randomly planted, last-ditch-attempt spring onions.  Even our mini maize crop is in jeopardy as I don’t think we’ve got sufficient left to pollinate each other.  Weirdly, they’ve not made much impact on our herbs, and the cabbages, peppers and tomatoes were all planted in pots with copper tape around it, which as a slug deterrent seems to have worked.

But today I finally broke, and got the most friendly-sounding slug pellets I could find.  Maybe I don’t have what it takes to be a gardener, at least not yet.  I always thought gardeners were basically gentle souls, in touch with themselves and nature.  Now I discover they must have a will of steel and an impermeable conscience.  I have a will of jelly and literally can’t hurt a fly – well, the old me anyway.  New green fingered me is, I can see, going to have to toughen up if I’m going to grow anything beyond a few potatoes.

Anyway,  still waiting for the magic (non-lethal and actually quite pleasant) bullet to get the slugs to leave my veggies alone.  Answers on a postcard…

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