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This is not an original thought (I’ve just googled it to check!), but to what extent is blogging just a vanity press for the digital age? 

I’ve been considering my motives for deciding to begin this blog, mainly because what I’ve been doing here is not at all what I originally intended – I had absolutely no plans to share my thoughts with you, just to show you some pictures.  But since I couldn’t initially figure out how to do that I wrote something instead, and find it’s a hard habit to break.  Several (most?) of my small group of fellow believers from church also have blogs (see my blogroll for them) and, when you get down to fundamentals, I wanted my own platform too.

So why do I feel justified in inflicting this on the world at large, should they choose to access my blog?  Are my thoughts, views, stories that compelling?  (Don’t worry, I’m actually under no illusions with that one!)  And if not, then – again – why? 

I suppose I’ve found an unexpected creativity and expression in just documenting bits of my life.  I’ve got a kick out of seeing how many people drop by to check my blog out.  And whilst I might claim to not think there’s anything much worth reading here, obviously – OBVIOUSLY – there’s a bit of false humility there, otherwise why not just write in my notebook under my bed like I did when I was a teenager?  I like the idea that I can put bits of myself out there, and others can look them over, consider if there’s common ground, controversy, points of interest and perhaps smile to themselves about what they’ve just read. 

So I’m making a deal.  While I’m not going to give you every personal detail of my life, I will try to be honest, reflective and sometimes cringingly frank with what I do share.  Let’s squish the vanity out of this right now! 

Do other bloggers ever wonder this kind of stuff?  How does it make you feel to blog, to get feedback and comments? 

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