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As a brief follow-on from my previous post, here’s a campaign Tearfund are conducting.  This was flagged up in God 360, and makes a strong call to act collectively to support the Ethical Trade Initiative.

Follow the “take action now” link on the Tearfund website and make a difference. 

(it’s in the youth section, so I’m feeling a bit ‘down with the kids’ by bigging this up, but make no apologies for doing so – it’s worth it.  Wonder why it’s in the youth section though?  Maybe once we get past our teens we don’t buy new clothes?….)


I’ve been intermittently using a book called God360.  It’s a series of devotionals which I’ve dipped in and out of for the last wee while.  I’ve enjoyed the spirit of it although I’ve been pretty pants at actually doing what I’m meant to do with it, in fact the very thing which makes the devotional different.  They’re experiential devotionals which means I’m meant to do something each time I read one.  Hmmm, just as well I have a good imagination! 

Anyway.  A wee while back one of the devotionals linked with something our small group from church was doing, and it has really made me think about giving stuff up.  We got together a while ago and did a car boot sale to raise some money for a (as yet undecided) worthy cause.  The plus for all of us was we got a chance to get rid of some stuff which we no longer needed or wanted.  However, after reading this I got to wondering what I’d felt so good about…

What would I be willing to give up, that cost me something in the process?   Could I hold things so open handedly that you can take what ever you want – even what is most precious to me.

Don’t know.  I’m not even sure if I’m willing to try.

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