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What is your definition of ‘blessing’?  Is it a verb or a noun (or both)?  Well, the other night we were blessed by a guerrilla gift from our wonderful friends.  I have to say this was a blessing in several ways:

  • It had been a looooong week
  • Friday afternoon had finished in a pretty pants kind of way (see previous post)
  • We have received this particular form of blessing from these particular friends before, and I have to tell you it gets better every time, cos we know how amazing what’s inside the box is
  • It was getting late and we had just been contemplating how best to round off an evening of relaxation
  • We also knew these friends have been working their wee socks off, and to know they had thought of us in the middle of all that was mind-blowing
  • And, not to put too fine a point on it, the box contains the two best and most delicious cakes yet brought to man – or woman -kind’s bellies.  And they are huge!
  • This was also sacrificial giving above and beyond the call of duty.  The question I’m left with is if I were in their shoes could I have given the cakes freely away or would I have kept them for myself? Well the answer, my friends, is between me and my belly.

The best bit about it all was how it was given.  We got a text message that said ‘Ding dong!’.  As soon as we saw who it was from we knew we had to go to the door (they’re parents too and know the horror of the door bell ringing late at night and rousing sleeping children).  So my husband went and had a wee peek and there, sat prettily outside our front door, was our Fisher & Donaldson box, containing two coffee towers.  I’m sure they make other delicious cakes too but these are the only ones we’ve sampled and they’re awesome. 

The thing that gives this kind of surprise gift a real edge is the element of risk (yes, I realise my concept of risk is very relative here, but if you’ve not tried the cakes you don’t know what’s at stake).  It was raining – the box could have got soaked, thus ruining the gooey delights inside.  It was dark – we could have gone to the door and not seen the cakes and just gone away confused (and they really need to be eaten on the day of purchase…).  We have a local fox and several cats in the area, as well as the occasional hedgehog – I’m certain if the fox had got there first we’d not even have known there had been a cake on the doorstep, and the others would just have tragically messed with the box rendering it unfit for human consumption.   (I’m sorry if this list of possible disasters is causing distress to other coffee tower consumers out there) But I do like the fact the cakes made it through that sort of challenge to find their way to our gratefully outstretched hands.

So this was an example of supreme guerilla giving.  I’m inspired to do try and do something similar.

And hey N & A – thank you again and again.  And not just for the coffee towers.  We’d love you even if you didn’t bring us cakes.  Probably.  I mean obviously.

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