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knit happens

knit happens


I’m on my third day of feeling gross, and my one redemption has been knitting.  Which, by the way, I’m rubbish at, but it’s so satisfying to twiddle two sticks together and make something (even if the something isn’t always the something I expected). 

I wanted to take a moment to expound the beauties of yarn.  I have a tiny collection of yarns but, oh my goodness how I love it!  The purple one that you can see I’ve begun knitting into something is so soft to touch and in real life feels as soft as a kitten’s tummy.  I have a gorgeous lilac silk yarn (which so far comprises about 3 inches of a lace pattern scarf) and it’s so unbelievably sensuous and luxurious to touch, like a fairytale princess’s hair.  The chunky black yarn around the edges yummy too.  It’s just really squidgy when it’s knitted up – on the right you can see I’ve begun to knit something with it, which is going to be the first garment I’ve ever made for myself.  As I sit twiddling those sticks together I’m getting this bigger and bigger blanket-like piece draped over my legs.  Which is wonderful since I’m so cold with whatever bug I’ve got. 

I love yarn.  I love the world of textures available within that one little word.  I love the richness of the colour palette and the way light affects the colour/texture combination. 

Awards for getting knitting into a music video? Check this out!  (thanks to my husband for directing me to this)  A great band, with bonus points for having a man knitting in their video.

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